Tuesday, April 1, 2008

James Joyce DJ

"At last it had come. He knelt in the silent gloom and raised his eyes to the white crucifix suspended above him. God could see that he was truly sorry. He would tell all his sins. His confession would be long, long. Everybody in the chapel would know then what sinner he had been. Let them know. It was true. But God had promised to forgive him if he was sorry. He was sorry. Hr clasped his hands and raised them toward the white form, praying with his darkened eyes, praying with all his trembling body, sawing his head to and fro like a lost creature , praying with whimpering lips."

This passage comes from the moment right before Stephen
confesses all of his sins. Joyce describes Stephen as taking on animal characteristics. He begins play wit his words and a rush of emotions come over him making him close his eyes, pray for forgiveness and eventually begins rambling, He says, "sawing his head to and fro like a creature." His moving back and forth reminds me of Icarus and his flight. Daedalus had told him to keep a constant path because either extreme would be dangerous. At this moment of desperation Stephen is rocking back and forth and feels emotions that resemble different extremes. He himself has gone to an extreme when he sinned with a prostitute. Both Icarus and Stephen were unable to find a middle way. Stephen want from being extremely religious and conservative to not having control of his emotions and having sex with a prostitute. Neither character was able to find a happy medium.


Elina R 6 said...

A Portrait Of an Artist as a Young Man was an amazing book. Although i struggled with it and with my explication pieces, it was really satisfying to understand Joyce's writing and his illusions. Focusing on the myth if Dedalous and Icarus was really great. I was able to fing connections everywhere in the book and reading the criticisms in the back really helped me make my theories more legitimate